Unique equipments*

State of the Art equipments

Gynecology Ultrasound Operating Rooms (panel)
GE Voluson E10 ultranhang Ceiling anesthesia tripod
Mammograph Ceiling surgical tripod
Hologic Lorad Selena Dimensions Ceiling surgical lights
2D digital FFD Mammograph ALPHAMAXX operating table
stereo biopsy BETASTAR oparating table
Pulmonology Arthrex Synergy Standard Display 26″
PowerCube Body+Diffusion SYNERGY HD3 Camera Head HD, 1080p, 3 Chip, autocla
Olympus laparoscope tower
Phillips ultrasounds
   *unique equipemts: only available at Duna Medical Center in Hungary Siemens acuson ultrasond
Ear – Throat – Nose
Atmos S 61 Servant workstation ear, nose, throat keypad
ATMOS i View 31 microscope
AtmosCam 31 Dv Data endocamera modul
Bösl Lymphamat digital gradient – Compression lymph drainage device, 12 digital chamber
Enraf Endolaser 422 – Soft-laser treatment device
Enraf Sonopuls 692 V – therapic centrum
Cosmogamma froozer – Cold air handling unit for Rheumatology
Topcon IS-600 III ophthalmic diagnostic unit, built-in test light, vízusvetítővel, adjustable, reversible machine table for two devices, chairs
OPTOPOL PTS-1000 automatic perimeter
ophthalmic ultrasound Biometric A / B Scan, ultrasound diagnostic system
IQ532 photocoagulation of retinal laser slit lamp and electric table
Aladdin HW3.0 (LT), biometrics and topography, IOL design unit
Leica M620 F20 ophthalmic operating microscope
CV-170 Optera Video Center
CV-170 Optera Video Center
GIF-H170 video gastroscope
GIF-H170 video gastroscope
GIF-H170 video gastroscope
CF-H170L Optera Colonoscope